Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tatting - creative way to express myself

Lace jewellery is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely I spend too much time browsing all fantastic blogs and I just adore those stunning pieces of tatting art shown there. It is amazing how beautiful things you can make using old vintage patterns, formerly used as doilies, hunkies, collars, etc…They are easily adaptable to modern earrings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces . Every tatting motif, from very simple to very complicated, is feminine, elegant, sophisticated and stylish. If you add beads, crystals or pearls –you can get a stunning piece of jewellery –delicate, unique and eye-catching.

The next thing I love in tatting is the idea of connections with female traditions. I like thinking that I make things in the same way as women few generations before me… this is our heritage and it is worth to continue hand making crafts instead of, maybe cheap, but without a soul , things from factories in China, for example. This is also a creative way to express myself.

Recently I have found a very old beautiful pattern from Beeton’s Book of Needlework originally published in Great Britain in 1870 by Ward, Lock and Tyler. I have tatted this pendant using black Aida 20 and purple seed beads.


  1. The only problem with Beeton's book? Translating. But I do love playing with old patterns.

  2. Lovely! A bit like a black snowflake ;)

  3. Thanks for joining the blog hop again.
    I love the necklace, its stunning.

    Ali @plansandpresents.blogspot.com

  4. beautiful, I really admire all your work and love lace too, but I make crochet only

    anyway decided to start learning tatting too as it is so pretty



  5. That is beautiful - I am still trying to teach myself to Tat ... I am so impatient that I go right for the complicated patterns and get frustrated. I think I should start slow and build up then maybe someday I'll be able to tat something like this.

  6. Oooo prześliczne i eleganckie.

  7. Wow that necklace is gorgeous, love it on the organza ribbon. Thanks for joining the blog hop again! Lois x

  8. simple but very pretty!

  9. Following you from the blog hop! Please follow me as well :)

    Your work is beautiful!

  10. It's so pretty.
    I have this opportunity to see it live.
    It's even better then on photos!
    I love it!

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  13. Wow, very pretty!

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  18. How beautiful! You are so talented to be able to do that.
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    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  19. Wonderful! You are so talented Romana..

  20. Absolutely cute and elegant pendant! :D I love your work here and I only wish that I could some day do same kind of jewellery ;)


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