Thursday, 15 April 2010

Playing with beads

It is great fun playing with tatting and beads. Almost everything I have made, my daughter grabs it. That is a good sign that she likes my crafts, isn’t it? Just now I am trying to learn how to use beads in my tatted jewellery. This is not easy, if you have to learn without a teacher. No, of course I have got a lot of great teachers –everybody, who is so kind to share knowledge and passion about tatting! Thank you all very much. I have learnt decoupage from internet, now I am learning to tat– this is really fantastic!

Below are tatted earings with pink shining beads hanged on decoupaged by me jar:

And here we have a small pendant (or a first earring) with cream Swarovski pearls:


  1. You're doing great. I don't see you having any problems at all with beads.

  2. I love the pearl pendant. I think you are doing a super job using the beads with your tatting. Keep up the great work and continue to post so we can also learn more about using the two together.

  3. Sewicked: Because I have not shown the failed ones ;)

  4. Kolejne prześliczne śliczności :-)

  5. you're improving your skills, great! earrings with pink beads remind me of cherry blossom bathed in morning dew :)


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