Monday, 19 April 2010

Decoupaged jewellery cabinet and various tatted motives

I want to show this shabby chic jewellery cabinet I decorated recently.
I found an old, ugly jewellery cabinet in a charity shop.

I sanded it, and then painted with a cream acrylic paint few times. Later I used a crackle medium to add a distress charm. The next step was to decoupage a lovely rose’s motif from paper napkin. I varnished it several times, sanded between layers and added a beautiful ecru lace. It reminds me past times...  (this one is matching the shelf I made for my sister)

My friend asked me to show how big my tatted earrings are. So I have put a 1 pound coin to show it. Most of these small pieces I tatted last weekend and I have to finish ends….


  1. Wiesz,że ilekroć widzę jakiś drewniany staroć w charicie myślę sobie o Tobie i jak byś to odmieniła :) No takie zboczenie,hehe...

  2. What a beautiful cabinet you did a wonderful job!

  3. It's just perfect! I wish I had your talent :)

  4. You did a great decorating job on that jewelry cabinet. So pretty!

  5. Smashing cabinet. You have put so much work into making that...Bardzo ładna komódka, widać że duzo pracy w nią włozyłaś.

  6. Could you do mine if i sent it to you? How much would you charge?


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