Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tatting Pattern - Snowflake

I am very happy to let you know that my first tatting pattern is just available to buy on Etsy
This small lovely snowflake is quick to tat. It requires 2 shuttles to make it.  I use following techniques : SCMR  (if you are not familiar with SCMR, you can make regular ring), chains, rings on chains made using second shuttle  , lock joins, picots
Hope you will be enjoying this pattern.

Bardzo mi milo powiadomic Was, ze moj pierwszy frywolitkowy wzor jest juz dostepny do kupienia na Etsy. Ta sliczna mala sniezynka jest bardzo szybka do zrobienia.
Wzor wymaga uzycia 2 czólenek. Wykorzystalam nastepujace techniki : SCMR (self-closing mock ring -nie wiem, jak to sie nazywa po polsku) - (jesli nie znacie tej techniki, to mozna zrobic normalne koleczko, choc efekt jest wtedy leciutko inny), lancuszki, koleczka robione drugim czolenkiem na lancuszku, lock joins (i tu tez nie wiem, jak to sie po polsku nazywa ), pikotki.
Mam nadzieje, ze wzor Wam sie spodoba

Wzor jest po angielsku


  1. This tatting is most interesting and very detailed.
    I check out your blog regularly and wanted to pass on the Versatile Bllogger Award to you.
    Check it out at

    Well done and thanks for showing your beautiful craft.


  2. Congartualations on your first [pattern on ETSY!! let's celebrate!!!
    I do congratulate you !!

    I love yoru lovely work , tatting and also your lovely deocupage!

    I would be delighted with your visit anytime!


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