Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tatting - next step

As I said in my previous post, I am totally hooked in tatting. It is always nice to learn something new, especially something really pretty…of course I have 1000000000000 questions, but I enjoy learning to tat –so this is the most important, isn’t it?

Below I present few my newest tatted “motives”

Can I ask you a favour? I need a few simple patterns for beginners (at this moment I can use only one shuttle…). I will be grateful for some links.


  1. Have you seen Jane Eborall's site ( She has a lot of patterns. There are many that are not suitable for a beginner but there are some that are. Very important is most of the patterns have a 'skill or knowledge needed' line. She has a very large section on tips & techniques.

  2. Yes I have seen her site, it is great! But I am not sure, which one is good for beginners like me ...
    Anyway- thank you for your answer X

  3. Try these: giraffe from 1st doodle set (ring & chain only, really), bugs pt 1, and the flat of the 3D & flat snowflake earrings (you can omit the beads). As soon as you learn split ring (which is easier than you'd believe), lots more patterns open up. Her caterpillar is great for practicing the technique.

    Look at Sue Hanson's flutters, both of them at

    Kersti has some cute things

    check Brigit's sweet heart

  4. This is beautiful! And I granted you an award. Read the details here:

  5. Wow, widzę, że się rozkręcasz:) Śliczne!

  6. There is an online beginner's class at
    Email me privately at ginab6 at yahoo dot com and I can send you a long list of beginner sites.

  7. You are so very talented Romana, so inspiring!


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