Monday 30 August 2010

Summer doily

I found time to make few small doilies during this summer
Summer reminds me of the blue, shells, water and pearls. It inspired me to tat the light blue doily. The pattern comes from Italian (I believe it is Italian) book, called “Course de frivolite”. Unfortunately I don’t know the author. I prefer making tatted jewellery, but I like this doily. It looks like waves for me and matches to a sea beach display… The thread is Stokrotka (Altin Basak) –variegate white, light blue and aquamarine (size 20 I suppose).

Friday 27 August 2010

I am back

Hello!!! Good news! I am back after 2 months holiday without internet and computer! It was a great time to reset myself. Now I am back with new ideas, with an enthusiasm and a positive energy. I spent this holiday in a lovely countryside in Poland and enjoyed time with my children. But I really missed the whole blogging community and I am happy I am back.

I made few new items during this holiday. Today I would like to show you earrings I made from a golden thread with Swarovski crystals. This thread is very thin, so the result is delicate, but durable. Unfortunately my camera broke down (lenses error), so I have got only picture of one earring… I am going to buy a new camera, so there is a hope for better pictures on my blog.

It is difficult to show on photos how beautiful this golden thread is, so I present a few shots of the same earring.

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